Itay A. from New York; traveled to Costa Rica

For a beautiful, well organized trip. We came back safe and full of great experiences and encounters with some of the friendliest guides.
To many more.

April 2015

Andrea S. from Stamford, CT; traveled to Chile

Bart and I have returned from our wonderful vacation. Thank you so much for putting together such a memorable trip. We really lucked out and had great weather. The guides and activities were fantastic. The Singular hotels are incredible - the one in Patagonia is a destination of its own.

I hope to have the opportunity to plan another trip with you in 2016.
Warm regards,

March 2015

Tina S. from Manhattan Beach, CA; traveled to Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos

We had an amazing time! Loved all 3 countries. The guides were great. The best guide was in Hanoi and the funniest in Saigon. The hotels were excellent and all of the activities memorable and special.
Thanks sooo much. You really do a wonderful service for your clients. Can't wait for our next adventure!

July 2014

Richard J. from Sycamore IL; traveled to Ecuador and Peru

We are returned from South America and we wanted to thank you for your help in setting up the trip. Your recommendations were right on target. All the connections were flawless. The various guides were interesting and knowledgeable. The experiences were very cool. We especially enjoyed the Galapagos Islands. It was very active, sometimes with 4 different excursions during a day. Snorkeling and cavorting with the sea lions was only one highlight.

Thanks again. We had a great time and we hope to be able to use your services again in the future.

May 2014

Mary B. from New York; traveled to Peru

I have waited until my return to thank you for the most wonderful trip. Jeff and I enjoyed every single minute…from the air plane seats to the smallest kernel of corn! We have traveled all over the world, with many tour companies and guides as well as on our own. We have been to Bolivia, Argentina, Chile but never Peru. I have been to Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Bhutan in the early 80’s, New Zealand, Europe, the Alps I could go on and on but this section of the Andes are truly the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen. They are haunting.

You guides were interested, knowledgeable and polite. We especially liked Ruth in Lima (one of the world’s ugliest cities in my opinion). None the less Lima was fun! Being on the ocean makes all the difference and then there is the food! What a great surprise and delight......We loved all your accommodations but by far the Palacio Nazaranes in Cuzco was fantastic. Simple beautiful, wonderful attention to detail and service. The folks who work there are attentive and kind and helpful. The drivers were fantastic.

The Inkaterra also was terrific and our room spectacular as all our rooms were. Jeff and I would love to return to Peru. The question is what part to visit next and when. You will be hearing from us again.
We will be getting back to you eventually thank you for all your planning and suggestions and hard work.

April 2014

Kathy S. from New York; traveld to Peru

...the trip was spectacular, amazing, great, an incredible adventure and you did a great job in planning and organizing it; I love Peru; we had a wonderful range of experiences including the fabulous choice of restaurants with delicious food, great guides, efficient organizing, all excellent; I loved all the hotels except the Marriott... I am left with a wonderful feeling about Peru and you as a trip planner and advisor; btw, Palacio Nazarenes is one of the most beautiful, well appointed, well run hotels that I have ever visited any place in the world...I look forward, with total confidence, to the next adventure in your hands...best regards, Kathy

April 2014

Sarah M. from Media, PA; traveled to Spain and Morocco

Hi Eitan,

Your planning was flawless! Every room had appropriate accommodations for Connor...tour guides were great...drivers on time...couldn't ask for more! It was wonderful spending time with our son. You were right about Casablanca - with exception to the mosque (which we were in awe of). We really enjoyed our quick stop at La Pause for a replacement desert experience. The Tapas tour in Sevilla was a blast and the Alhambra in Granada was spectacular. Our favorite guide was Youssef in Morocco with a good combo of info and laid back. I included a few pics if you want to use them for you itineraries.

Thanks for another job well done and keep those interesting travel club trips coming our way!

April 2014

Dawn T. from Bemidji, MN; traveled to Peru

What an amazing trip that was, I loved it! The Amazon River cruise was awesome. Juan Carlos Palomino (Naturalist) and all the crew were excellent. This trip is definitely in my top 5 of trips of my 25 years in the travel business!

Thank you so much!

April 2014

Elba G. from Alpharetta, GA; traveled to Hong Kong & China

We had a fabulous experience the whole entire trip. Our accommodations were all amazing especially in Beijing and Chengdu. Our accommodations in Hong Kong and Shanghai were both in very modern hotels with lots of amenities in a great location, one to two blocks from a metro station. Our accommodations in Guillen were both very rustic but very quaint and comfortable. The kids and I really enjoyed our experience in touring the beautiful villages with the terraces and mountains in the background. We had spectacular, scenic views.

All of our guides were excellent. They all had very good command of the English language and were very knowledgeable about their city, its culture and history. We were very impressed. Our guides were all very helpful in providing restaurant recommendations. They also made certain that we had information about getting around at night and that we had the address to our hotel written down in Chinese.

Our hotel in Beijing situated in a Huatong was a wonderful experience. We loved our accommodations. The Secret Garden in the village outside of Guillen was also another favorite as well as The Old Chengdu Club.

Our tours were all wonderful adventures; hiking in the remote villages surrounded by picturesque vistas, biking through the different villages along the river with the mountains in the background, rafting in a bamboo raft, biking on the Wall in Xian, the Terra Cotta Soldiers in Xian, the Panda cubs in Chengdu, touring the Forgotten City, the imperial palaces, visiting a family home in Beijing, a rickshaw tour of Beijing huatongs, the 4 hour hike along the Wall (everyone's favorite adventure:) and finally ending in the very futuristic city of Shanghai which is in direct contrast to Beijing and Xian and Guillen.

To sum it up, I would say we had the trip of our life time. It was amazing.

Overall, I would rate our China experience as excellent. Thank you so much for putting together a wonderful trip with an amazing itinerary.

March 2014

Paul L. from Tarragona, Spain; traveled to Costa Rica

After my return to Spain I would like to thank you warmly for the perfect organization of our tour of Costa Rica! Within a week we spent a most interesting time at both coasts and in the centre in 3 national parks. Our hotels were most comfortable, the one in Tortuguero so far from the nearest town but still excellent. The luxury hotel near the vulcano Arenal in the centre was a real first class treat. But also Costa Verde at the Pacific had precious views and pleasant accommodations.
Our guided tours of the parks were fascinating. I can compare since I visited the game reserves of Kenya and Cameroun and the Maja site of Tikal in the forest of Guatemala. Our internal transportation from place to place went without a hitch, always on time.
Costa Rica is a breath of fresh air on the turbulent continent of Latin America where I have lived for a good while. Rather prosperous, well organized, good infrastructure, safe surroundings, and above all friendly people who have a good command of English and are proud of their country.
Costa Rica takes its ambition as an ecological tourist destination very seriously, we were happy to note.
Thank you so much again!

March 2014